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TP-LINK Losses Control of Two Domains Used to Configure Routers, Broker Requests $2.5 Million to Return Domains

Posted on 7th Jul 2016 15:37:27 in News

Leading router and networking equipment manufacturer, TP-Link, has lost control of two very important domains used by millions of consumers and small businesses. The domains, which are used to configure the company’s routers, have expired and been resold to domain name brokers who are actively seeking buyers. Security experts say the domains are at risk of being purchased by criminals that could easily use the domains to take control of millions of routers by redirecting traffic, installing malicious firmware and ultimately attack millions of TP-Link router customers.

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Titles for New Spider-Man Film Revealed by Sony Web Domain Registration

Posted on 9th Apr 2016 17:41:31 in News

Possible titles of the upcoming Spiderman movie has been revealed in a couple of domains names that Sony Pictures Inc has registered. Four .com domains, '', '', '', and '' all registred a week ago and currently redirecting to the film studio’s website hint to possible titles for the Spiderman reboot.

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Over 300 Popular .Com Domains Including Netflix, Dell and Citibank Hit with Typosquatting Attack

Posted on 19th Mar 2016 14:14:39 in

Security researchers have discovered a new spin on the good old phishing attack known as typosquatting, where regular users are directed to harmful websites when they mis-type web addresses of popular websites. Computer Security firm Endgame, recently discovered that hackers were attempting to distribute malware through the URL 
The .om domain is the top-level country code for Oman, but hackers were using it to direct sloppy typists away from Further investigation revealed that 300 other popular .com domain names including Dell and Citibank where also targeted in this typosquatting attack.

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Tesla Motors Finally Buys Domain After Decades

Posted on 20th Feb 2016 01:14:22 in News

TeslaMotors, the leading American electric automotive manufacturer has finally acquired the domain name that has been owned by a Silicon Valley engineer and virtually unused for 24 years. The domain was owned by a Stu Grossman since 1992 and Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Musk had to settle for the alternative A Tesla spokeswoman confirmed Friday that the company now has the domain. Visiting the domain into a browser and you get redirected to

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Posted on 17th Feb 2016 03:27:04 in News

A website with the domain name of the GOP presidential candidate,, redirects to his opponents official presidential campaign page,, and features DOnald Trump’s slogan with options to support or donate to his campaign.
Jeb Bush’s official presidential campaign domain is however The is registered to PTY Ltd., which manages domain names, and noted that the website was updated on Nov. 21. Two other domain names that incorporate Bush’s name and the word president already exist but aren't operated by his campaign.

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Two New tlds for Wineries, Vintners, Retailers and Wine Lovers, .Wine or .Vin

Posted on 25th Jan 2016 03:11:35 in News

Donuts Inc., an internet registry known for most “non .com” domain names, announced that .wine and .vin domains are now available, these domain names are aimed towards Wineries, vintners, retailers and wine aficionados. With over 38.4 billion bottles of wine produced worldwide annually, it is no surprise that wine is a critical piece of the social fabric of cultures across the globe, said Donuts co-founder and CEO Paul Stahura.

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Internet Administrator ICANN to Become Independent of the US Government by the End of September.

Posted on 23rd Jan 2016 02:35:47 in News

The US government will surrender control of the internet’s underlying technology this year, for the first time since American academics launched the network 47 years ago. The non-profit organization which oversees domain names and internet protocol addresses (IPs) globally is set to become independent from the US Department of Commerce on September 30, after nearly 20 years of fighting for decentralization.

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Rightside's New .Family Domain Extension Aims to Take Families and Brands Beyond .com

Posted on 23rd Jan 2016 02:30:17 in News

Rightside, one of the Domain name operators crrently operating in new domain names such as .ninja and .reviews among others introduced the .family domain extension on Wednesday with a push toward encouraging families and brands to embrace the warm and fuzzy feelings such an online address would presume. According to the Washington based company, annual pricing for .family domain extensions will vary based on market demand and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Montserratian .MS Domain Registrar Suspends the Pirate Bay's 'New' Domain Name

Posted on 18th Jan 2016 22:36:16 in News

Popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay (TPB) is seeing more troubles with domain names. The Montserratian .MS Registrar has gone ahead and suspended its new domain name just few a days after the torrent website switched it on. The torrent site has to now search for new alternatives to keep the hydra going. In recent months, The Pirate Bay has had its fair share of domain name issues. In the past, the site burnt through a ‘hydra’ of six domain names after it floated away from its .se mainstay. Surprisingly, the Swedish TLD (top-level-domain) turned out to be more resistant than any of the alternatives.

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