AVESTA -- Zoroastrian Archives

- avesta.org

Zoroastrianism is the oldest of the revealed world-religions, and it has probably had more influence on mankind, directly and indirectly, than any other single faith.

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Home - Coast to Coast AM

- coasttocoastam.com

Coast to Coast AM - UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena. Overnight talk radio with daytime ratings.

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Ancient Egypt: the Mythology and egyptian myths

- egyptianmyths.net

Ancient Egypt: the Mythology is *the* most comprehensive site on ancient Egyptian mythology on the web. It features over 40 gods and goddesses, 30 symbols and complete myths....

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Stonehenge.co.uk - Your guide to Stonehenge, the World's Favourite Megalithic...

- stonehenge.co.uk

Your guide to Stonehenge, other ancient sites and stone circles in Britain, with practical information to make your visit easier

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Women in Greek Myths

- paleothea.com

A who's-who on all females in Greek mythology, with a section on Greek Men, a collection of myths, and a lot of beautiful images.

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Jew in the City

- jewinthecity.com

Breaking down stereotypes about religious Jews and offering a humorous, meaningful look into Orthodox Judaism

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Timeless Myths

- timelessmyths.com

A collection of myths and legend from Classical Greece and Rome, Norse and Celtic mythology, as well as Arthurian legend.

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Entrance - Greek Mythology Link

- maicar.com

The Greek Mythology Link is a collection of the Greek myths written on line by Carlos Parada.

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The Occult - Occultopedia: The Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia

- occultopedia.com

A Treasury of Occultism, Mysticism, Supernatural, Magic, Demonology, Mythology, Psychic Powers, Witchcraft, Metaphysics, Spiritism and Pseudoscience

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Gun Facts - Debunking Gun Control Myths

- gunfacts.info

Gun Facts is the authority on debunking myths about gun control.

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Durga Puja - Durga Puja 2015,Goddess Durga,Durga Pooja Festival,India

- durga-puja.org

Durga Puja - Find information on Durga puja festival, Durga puja traditions, Puja, Durga puja celebrations, Durga temples, Durga puja myths, importance and different names and...

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myths and legends

- ancient-greece.us

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Fairy & Fantasy Art by Rachel Anderson

- silverstars.us

Official Gallery of fantasy artist Rachel Anderson. Here you will find an enchanting world of magic... fairies, angels, mermaids, fantasy art with an occasional gothic twist,...

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Multilingual Children's Association

- multilingualchildren.org

Your guide to raising bilingual children. Expert advice and real world wisdom with parent discussions, tips and articles. From birth through school.

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- pararesearchers.org

ParaResearchers Of Ontario

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Sigiriya the 'Mount of Remembrance'

- sigiriya.org

Sri Lanka's World Heritage site Sigiriya or Sihigiriya, the 'Mount of Remembrance' and its symbolic significance in the light of the Philosophia Perennis.

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Ancient Origins | Reconstructing the story of humanity's past

- ancient-origins.net

News and articles relating to ancient human origins, archaeology, anthropology, scientific mysteries, sacred writings, ancient places and more.

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Paranormality.com the A to Z index of Paranormal, Supernatural and Unusual...

- paranormality.com

Find out more about Parapsychology, Paranormal, Unusual and Supernatural Phenomena from this easy to follow A to Z index site.

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MythBusters Results — Outcomes from all MythBusters Episodes

- mythbustersresults.com

Complete results from every myth tested on the television show MythBusters. Includes episode summaries and the outcome of confirmed, busted, or plausible.

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Welcome to Great Castles

- greatcastles.org

Welcome to Great Castles. Join us on a journey into Europe's rich medieval past

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Wendy Morris - facilitating creative leadership

- mindfulnessleadership.org

Wendy Morris - facilitating creative leadership

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- amergin.net

Publisher of plays for children, stories to dramatize, skits, and web design for non-profits. Silverhand Books: Handmade journals and other blank books.

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Welcome to Great Castles

- greatcastles.net

Welcome to Great Castles. Join us on a journey into Europe's rich medieval past

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Welcom to a Tribute to SamShepard.net

- samshepard.net


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Spectrum Radio Network

- spectrumradionetwork.com

spectrum radio network, is a talk radio show with live interviews. Welcome to what we hope will become one of the most diverse radio shows and web sites on the Internet! This...

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wustu.com - Your Health Assistant

- wustu.com

Researchers recently discovered a hormone that may extend your life. Thus far this

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Roman and Greek Gods and Goddesses ***

- talesbeyondbelief.com

Visit the world of ancient Roman and Greek Gods and goddesses. Discover fascinating information about the Roman and Greek Gods and goddesses. Roman and Greek Gods from the...

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GardenMyths.com - leader in debunking gardening myths

- gardenmyths.com

Learn the truth behind gardening myths and folklore to better understand your garden and plants.

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Shapeshifter Creations

- theshapeshifter.us

Home page of Shapeshifter Creations, a production company from San Diego, California

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Story Spirals - Home

- storyspirals.com

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VACCINE INDIA: Welcome to India's first Website with complete information on...

- vaccineindia.org

Vaccine india! first indian site to provide the complete information related to Infectious disease, vaccine and immunisation, Vaccination schedule India. Open for Doctors and...

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Marcia Theophilo Home page

- theophilo-amazzonia-e-poesia.info

Poesia de Marcia Theophilo sobre a floresta amazonica. Marcia Theophilo's poetry on Amazon Forest. Poesia di Marcia Theophilo sulla foresta Amazzonica. Portuguese,English,...

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Peter Le Couteur - New Myths

- eisegeticsinstitute.org

The illegitimate lovechild of Tori Amos and Tom Waits, raised in secret at an English boarding school...

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Long Ago and Far Away, fairytales,long lost...

- long-ago-and-far-away.org

Myths Legends Folklore Fairytales Fables and Fabulous Stories From Out Of The Mysts of Time.

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The Spiritual Forum - Share your stories, experiences, ideas, beliefs and...

- thespiritualforum.org

Share your stories, experiences, ideas, beliefs and questions. We are a safe place for expressing anything and everything to do with many spiritual topics and welcome all new...

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- unitedunderone.org

Make It Count

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A Dogs View - Home - kennesaw, GA

- adogsview.net

Welcome to my site. Introduction to dog training myths, facts, history

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- bodhitreecounseling.com

Welcome to the Bodhi Tree Counseling Services and Linda Robertson, PhD. Mental health, pain management, personal growth counseling services. Conveniently located in Oviedo,...

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Monster Myths!

- ghostboardposse.com

The home of Mick Morris Myth Solver and Ghost Board Posse books.

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- sandrakingart.com

Welcome to the virtual gallery of Artist Sandra King. All works displayed on this site are originals and are available for purchase from the gallery pages. Her media includes...

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